Analysis of previous student video

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Analysis of previous student video by Mind Map: Analysis of previous student video

1. Carol Vernallis

1.1. It's clear that this music video verifies Vernallis' theory that the narrative in music videos is not always complete. This is evident in the base tracks used over the typical continuity editing.

1.2. Jump cuts are also used in this music video.

1.3. The master base track is used throughout the video.

1.4. The used of obvious edits such as slo-mo and frequent cutting on the beat.

2. Andrew Goodwin

2.1. Andrew Goodwin believed that conventional pop music videos are to have a beginning, middle/climax, and an ending. However, this version of the pop song Karen Harding 'Say something' does not conform to the typical structure.

2.2. The video features the narrator as the character, and she has eye contact with the camera to connect with the audience.

2.3. The different parts of the music video are expressed through the different shots which are repeated.

2.4. I would say that this video is disjuncture as the video doesn't relate to the lyrics, the artist is just performing; theres no story.

3. Laura Mulvey

3.1. Nothing in this video supports Mulvey's theory, as the artist is well dressed and there is nothing addressing the male gaze.

3.2. The main attention is focused on the performer who is female, there are other people featuring in the video but their faces are not seen.