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Researchers' Engines Link Created By Oluwaseyi Wusu, ORCID: (0000-0002-4649-3483) - ORCID | Connecting Readers and Researchers ResearchID: by Mind Map: Researchers' Engines Link Created By Oluwaseyi Wusu,   ORCID:    (0000-0002-4649-3483) - ORCID | Connecting Readers and Researchers     ResearchID:

1. Writing A Research Paper

1.1. Critical Reading

1.2. Critical Writing

1.3. Peer Reviews

1.4. Critical Reviews By Publishers: What Researchers need to know

1.4.1. List of Predatory Journals

1.4.2. List of Stand Alone Journals

1.4.3. Criteria For Determining Predatory Journals

1.5. Desktop Search

1.5.1. dtSearch Download DtSearch Quick Start

1.5.2. Google Desktop Search Google Desktop Blog

1.6. Writing A Paper

1.6.1. Writing /Editing Tools/Proof Reading Tools

1.7. Writing A Book

2. Enhancing Citation and Visibility

3. Library Skills

4. NLA Conferences Alert

4.1. Publications In Africa

4.1.1. University of Ibadan Publications

4.1.2. Houdegbe North American University Publications

4.1.3. Cotonou Publications

4.1.4. Books Published

4.1.5. Conference Papers

5. h-index and Research Impact

6. Stay in the Know

6.1. Real Time Alert

6.1.1. Conference Alert

6.1.2. WikiCFP

6.1.3. Economic Conference Alert

6.1.4. IEEE Conference  Alert

6.1.5. ICOLIS Alert

6.1.6. NLA Alert NLA IT Alert

6.1.7. Computer Society Alert Information Science Association Alert

6.1.8. Citation Tracker Scopus Citation Alert Web of Science Alert

6.1.9. Academic Research

6.1.10. Microsoft

6.1.11. Bibliogo

6.1.12. Google Alert

6.1.13. Scholar.Google Alert

6.1.14. ScienceDirect Alert

6.1.15. Ingenta

6.1.16. SpringerLink

6.1.17. Taylor and Francis Alerts

6.1.18. Wiley Interscience Alert

6.1.19. Blackwell Publishers

6.1.20. MIT Press

6.1.21. PubMed

6.1.22. ISI Web of Knowledge Alert

6.1.23. Keeping Up to Date in EECS

7. Data Analysis Software

7.1. Research Instruments and Analysis

7.2. Nvivo Software

7.3. SPSS Software



8. Tutorial Videos



8.2. HOW TO?


10. Research Visibility

11. Carrying Out A Literature Search

12. High Impact Journals

12.1. Web of Science

12.1.1. All Databases

12.1.2. Web of Science (TM) Core Collections

12.1.3. Derwent Innovation Index (SM)

12.1.4. SciELO Citation Index

12.1.5. KCI - Korean Journal Database

12.1.6. Russian Science Citation Index

12.1.7. InCites TM

12.1.8. Journal Citation Reports (R)

12.1.9. Essential Science Indicators

12.1.10. EndNote(TM) Registered For EndNote (TM) Free Trials

12.1.11. ResearcherID ResearcherID Profile Update

12.1.12. Citation Alert

12.1.13. Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI)

12.1.14. Science Watch Global Research Report

12.1.15. Master Journal List for all Web of Science databases

12.1.16. Scope of WoS

12.1.17. Save Searches and Alerts

12.1.18. Number of Times Cited

12.1.19. Analyze Results

12.1.20. Web of Science (R) Training

12.1.21. Research Front Map

12.1.22. List of all Cited Works in WoS

12.1.23. Web of Knowledge Search Widget on your Android/Desktop

12.2. Elsevier Scopus

12.2.1. Citation Impact

12.2.2. Document Search

12.2.3. Author's Search

12.2.4. Affiliation Search

12.2.5. Advanced Search

12.2.6. Sources Searching

12.2.7. Alert Search

12.2.8. Application Programming Interface (API)

12.2.9. Scopus Blog

12.2.10. Analyze Search Results By Year By Source By Author

12.2.11. Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)

12.2.12. Directory of Open Access Scholarly Resources (ROAD)

12.2.13. Open Access Reviews

12.2.14. Scopus Coverage

12.2.15. Follow Scopus Twitter FaceBook

12.2.16. Researchers Submit Your Paper Find A Journal Prepared A Paper For Submission Submit And Revise Track Your Submission Proofing And Licensing Sharing And Promoting Solutions Scopus ScienceDirect Mendeley Evolve Knovel Reaxys Clinical Key (R) Elsevier Books and Journals Authors Editors Librarians Reviewers Research Platforms Research Intelligence R&D Solutions Clinical Solutions Educational Solutions All Solutions Elsevier Stores Author's Services Elsevier Connects Elsevier Support Centre

12.3. Other Search Engines

12.3.1. Yahoo

12.3.2. Google

12.3.3. Google Scholar



12.4. Other Databases

12.4.1. Academic Tools for Researchers Docear Mindmup Active Scholar SpellCheckPlus LanguageTools BibMe WriteWords StoryBird Writing A-Z iA Writer Literautas CiteThisForMe Instagrok EssayRoo

12.4.2. others

12.5. Open Access Journals Impact Factors List

12.5.1. Springers  Impact Factors Journal List 2014

12.6. Lists of Predatory Journals

13. University Malaya Publications