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Relentless by Mind Map: Relentless

1. 3 Kinds of Players

1.1. Coolers - good - amazing game

1.2. Closers - great- amazing season

1.3. Cleaners - Unstoppable- Amazing careers

1.3.1. Take responsibility for everything

1.3.2. Get to the TARGET no matter what comes in the way

1.3.3. Michael Jordan

1.3.4. Kobe Bryant Cleaners don't worry about instant gratification. They only think of long term. On the day of his draft, everyone went to party while Kobe went to the gym.

2. Your Dark Side

2.1. Your dark side gets you in the ZONE

2.1.1. - When your manhood is questioned

2.1.2. - When you see your blood on the floor

2.1.3. - Walking dead with nothing to lose = most dangerous predators

2.1.4. - Killer instinct

2.2. Difference between the 3

2.2.1. Cooler - tries to fight his dark side and loses

2.2.2. Closer - acknowledges his dark side but can't control it

2.2.3. Cleaner - harnesses his dark side to get raw controlled power All great ones have a dark side they can harness In order to get what you really want, you must first be who you really are

3. Sacrifice

3.1. What will you HAVE TO sacrifice to have what you really want?

3.2. What are you WILLING TO sacrifice?

3.3. Do the above two lists match up?

3.4. If the lists don't add up you don't want it badly enough

4. About Tim Grover

4.1. Worked with

4.1.1. Michael Jordan

4.1.2. Kobe Bryant

4.1.3. Dwayne Wade

4.2. Physical and Mental Toughness Coach

4.3. Attack Athletics

4.3.1. Owner