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Fast Food by Mind Map: Fast Food

1. In most places selling fast food there aren't waiters.

2. Is a kind of food that is prepared quickly.

2.1. Most times the food is sold on the street.

2.2. The time savings is one of the main advantages because they do not have to cook.

2.3. This food is usually economic therefore it is another advantage

3. It is served without cutlery.

3.1. Among the most common fast food is:

3.2. pizza, burgers, fried chicken, tacos, sandwiches and hot dogs

4. The first fast food place opened in New York in 1912.

5. Fast food is associated with very caloric foods and excess fat

5.1. Working hours and stress of daily rhythm are some of the reasons why today has increased consumption of fast food.

5.2. There are many diseases associated with high-calorie fast foods, such as cardiovascular disease or obesity, this is a major disadvantage.

5.3. The menus of fast food chains are usually high in calories and as a rule are accompanied by drinks high in sugar and fat excess, this is also a big disadvantage.

6. A common myth is that all fast food is bad for health and that this fat.

7. The origin of the hamburger was in Roman times.

7.1. Burger provides protein due to the meat content, and carbohydrates that come from bread and sugar containing sauces.

8. French wing potatoes are world famous but its origin is unclear.

8.1. They are known because the soldiers of the Second World War that met for the first time in the western of Flanders associated the name with the language that was spoken there (French).

9. The hot dog is of German origin, although others say it is North American origin.

9.1. The term "dog" has been used as a synonym for sausage since at least 1884 by popular accusations that sausage makers used dog meat.