Alex Tapscott – The Blockchain revolution

Alex Tapscott on "The Blockchain revolution" at the TEDx SanFrancisco conference 2016.

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Alex Tapscott – The Blockchain revolution by Mind Map: Alex Tapscott  – The Blockchain revolution

1. Alex Tapscott

1.1. The Blockchain revolution Bestseller author

2. The 2008 Financial Crisis

2.1. 8 years after the crisis there are still many problems

3. Re-invent with the Fintech Revolution

3.1. Software is eating Wall Street

3.2. Blockchain

3.2.1. Bitcoin

3.2.2. 2nd generation of the Internet

3.3. The Middleman Problem

3.3.1. They are centrazlied

3.3.2. Everything centralized is vulnerable

3.3.3. They are slow

3.3.4. They exclude big parts of civiliaztion

3.3.5. They capture data

3.4. Internet of Information -> Internet of Value

3.4.1. Bitcoin Protocoll

3.4.2. No Middleman

3.4.3. Music industry, Film industry, supply chain management,...

3.4.4. Runs on all computers

3.4.5. Accessible to every body

4. Smart Contracts

4.1. Software that mimics executing a contract

4.2. Every single asset is a contract

5. Seven Transformations for a Prosperous World

5.1. Protecting rights through immutable records

5.2. Creating a true sharing economy

5.3. Ending the remittance rip-off

5.4. Enabling citizens to own and monetize their data

5.5. Ensuring compensation for the creators of value

5.6. The Haleyon Age of Entrepreneurship

5.7. Government of the people, by the people, for the people

6. The Golden Eight: Blockchain Transformations of Financial Services

6.1. Authenticate & Attest to Value

6.2. Transfer Value

6.3. Store Value

6.4. Lend Value

6.5. Exchange Value

6.6. Fund & Invest

6.7. Insure Value & Manage Risk

6.8. Account for & Audit Value

7. Creating Digital Fiat Currencies

7.1. Cost and Efficiency

7.2. Inclusion and Performance

7.3. Transparency and Risk Reduction