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Juan Benet – The Next Internet Revolution by Mind Map: Juan Benet 
The Next Internet Revolution
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Juan Benet – The Next Internet Revolution

Juan Benet

Protocol Labs Founder and CEO

New Applications give us new Superpowers

Superpowers are defined by the properties of the internet

What happens when the internet falls apart?

Decentralization necessary

Centralized network has a central point of Failure & Control

Distributed network, Bitcoin for example, People are working for the Bitcoin network, Bitcoin is worth 10 Bio. in the currency alone

Smart Contracts




Z Cash

Private money


Amazon S3 meets Bitcoin


No Middleman

Web Revolution

Web 1.0

Linking content together

Web 2.0

Linking content and dynamic applications

Web 3.0

Linking content and programs directly without middleman

No latency problems

No central agent when moving to other planets

The internet will get completely decentralized

IPFS (Interplanetary File System)

The web has problems

Doesn't work offline

Links break

Bad security model

Huge inefficiency

Emerging networks


Content Adressing

Secure fingerprints for data

Put the fingerprints in the address of your file

Take the content from wherever it's available or close

It separates WHAT from WHERE

Already deployed in banks

"We can and will use IPFS on Mars"