Dominique Crenn – Interview

Interview with Dominique Crenn at the TEDx SanFrancisco conference 2016.

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Dominique Crenn – Interview by Mind Map: Dominique Crenn  –  Interview

1. Dominique Crenn

1.1. Atelier Crenn Founder, Chef

2. My restaurants are a reflection of the city and of who I am

2.1. Diversity

2.2. Innovation

3. My food is a homage to San Francisco and my life

4. Food is art

4.1. I'm doing food to narrate a story

4.2. The menu is a crafted poem

4.3. In the beginning I created the poem and then I cooked around it

4.4. It's like writing a song or love letter

5. Create a kitchen where everybody has a voice

5.1. Every person on your team will touch the food

5.2. If you treat them badly it will transfer to the food

5.3. The food tastes so much better if you treat everybody respectful

6. On her Team

6.1. If you have egos, you're out

6.2. Determination & Passion and getting the feeling of the team is really important

7. Reviews/Stars

7.1. We live in a world of Instant Gratification

7.2. Be very thankful

7.3. It's a platform – it depends what you do with it

7.4. We need to continue to create and evolve and continue the narrative and conversation

7.5. It's not defining what I am

8. Farmers/Food

8.1. Farmers are the ROCKSTARS of the food scene

8.2. Support local farmers

8.3. Shift from automated processed food to real food again

8.4. Add this to general education

9. I don't believe in yelling at somebody!