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1. Monarchy: It is when supreme power or sovereignty is held by a single person. They are usually hereditary figures like a king or queen.

2. Aristocracy: When a state or government is ruled by a high class, elite or those who are considered to be the most able people in the state.

3. Democratic Republic: It is a country that is both a republic and a democracy. They use democratic principles and the monarch is not the head of state. Communist dictatorships have been especially prone to use this term.

4. Democracy: It is a government which is by the people. With an active participation of the citizens in politics. Not only that but it protects all of their human rights.

5. Republic: It is where the supreme power rests in the body of its citizens and are given the right to vote. It is practiced by representatives chosen.

6. Dictatorship: It is when there is a country that is ruled by one person (the dictator) and is given absolute power over it.