This is my mindmap of what I want to accomplish in this class

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TWC by Mind Map: TWC

1. Be patient in learning how the processes work

2. Gain Knowledge of the Course

3. Critical Thinking

3.1. Use information given to learn, think and communicate

3.2. Be creative throughout the course

4. Processes

4.1. Learn that there are many processes to a final draft

5. Characteristics

5.1. Become technologically oriented

5.2. Research

5.3. Design/ visuals

5.4. Understandable

6. Virtual Communities

6.1. Came from activist communities

6.2. 1980's

6.3. Common interests

6.4. Revolutionary

6.5. Social sites/ builds relationships

7. Social psychology

7.1. More laid back

7.2. No face to face interactions

7.2.1. Leads to poor etiquette

7.2.2. People speak(type) their mind

7.3. Socially isolated

8. Digital divide

8.1. No judgements

8.1.1. Race, class, orientation etc.

9. Social capital

9.1. Trust

10. CRAP!

10.1. Contrast

10.1.1. Controls eyes

10.1.2. Focal points- primary and secondary

10.1.3. Color/Visuals (strong)

10.2. Repetition

10.2.1. Color, fonts, imgaes

10.2.2. Creates sophistication without confusion

10.2.3. Consistent labeling style

10.3. Alignment

10.3.1. helps keep everything looking neat and clean

10.4. Proximity

11. Creative Commons

11.1. Allows some rights reserved

11.2. Copyright and CC go hand in hand and compliments one another

11.3. You can use someone's work with certain limitations with this creative commons license.

12. Fair use

12.1. For education purposes, you may use short clips or portions of a copyright

13. Copyright

13.1. You do not need a license to have a copyright

13.2. All rights reserved