The Life of George Washington

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The Life of George Washington by Mind Map: The Life of  George Washington

1. Revolutionary War starts

1.1. 1775

1.1.1. George was appointed general and commander-in-chief of the Continental Army

1.1.2. He Besieged the British in Boston

1.1.3. The appointment kept him away from home for over 8 years.

2. George Washington is born

2.1. 1732

2.1.1. Born February 2

2.1.2. Westmoreland County, Virginia

2.1.3. George was the eldest of 6 children

3. Presidency ends

3.1. 1797

3.1.1. He refuses a 3rd term.

3.1.2. He returns to his home in Mount Vernon.

3.1.3. Washington continues to farm and enjoy retirement.

4. Washington marries Martha Curtis

4.1. 1759

4.1.1. January 6th

4.1.2. They did not have any children together

4.1.3. Martha had two children from a previous marriage

5. Washington is elected a second term

5.1. 1793

5.1.1. Washington’s 2nd term began on the eve of the French Revolution

5.1.2. He was again unanimously elected to serve.

5.1.3. He proclaimed the US should be neutral or it would devastate our new nation by taking sides.

6. Washington dies

6.1. 1799

6.1.1. Washington passes away on December 14.

6.1.2. He suffered from a throat infection called epiglottitis. There is suspicion that multiple bloodlettings while he was ill made his condition worse.

6.1.3. In his will, George freed all his slave, in hopes as to set an example for the next president.  He was the only Founding Father to have done so.

7. Revolutionary war ends

7.1. 1783

7.1.1. He resigns from his commission on December 23

7.1.2. George signs the Declaration of Independence

7.1.3. George Washington resigns as general and wishes to retire but it is short-lived

8. Constitutional Convention

8.1. 1787

8.1.1. Washington heads the constitutional convention in Philadelphia

8.1.2. Washington had to be convinced to even attend.

8.1.3. The result was the writing of the US Constitution

9. Washington is elected President

9.1. 1789

9.1.1. He helped establish the nation’s finances.

9.1.2. Concluded peace treaties with Southeastern tribes.

9.1.3. His first term ended while the French Indian War was still going on.

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