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Samsung by Mind Map: Samsung

1. environmental impacts

1.1. carbon footprint

1.1.1. program to reduce it using renewable energy sources

1.1.2. Life Cycle Assessment method, which conduct analysis during the product development process in order to reduce the environmental impacts from the entire life cycle of products.

1.1.3. Samsung Galaxy S Smartphones Awarded Best in Product Carbon Footprint

1.2. chemical components

1.2.1. drop sites in 50 states to recycle electronic devices

1.2.2. uses tin, which is known for killing corals

2. Social  impact

2.1. exploited chinese workers as young as 14 for 0.65 dollars per hour, with horrible working and living conditions

2.1.1. chinese assembly line workers went on stike to get a raise, they are now payed about 2 dollars per hour

2.2. creates jobs abroad but also still in korea

2.2.1. 50 % of jobs given to koreans according to samsung

2.2.2. but only 8% according to some media

2.2.3. 489,000  jobs in total

2.3. promote technological inventions and supports inventers

3. economic impact

3.1. revenue of 305 billion dollars

3.2. 529.5 billion total assets

3.3. responsible for almost 20% of south korea's GDP

3.4. global effective tax rate of about 7 percent

3.4.1. mainly helps korean economy, but also LEDCs like Vietnam

4. Global structure

4.1. Founded in Seoul in 1938

4.1.1. Started as a trade export company selling food

4.1.2. Samsung electronics founded in 1969, start of tv, radio and computer components production

4.2. now owns 59 other companies

4.3. A global comany

4.3.1. phones manufactured in Vietnam, China, India, Brazil, Indonesia, and Korea

4.3.2. Has production centers in more than 60 countries

4.3.3. Products used all over the world

5. funny facts

5.1. Samsung new note 7 can explode

5.1.1. Samsung has decided to take them all back from all over the world

5.2. GDP equal to that of Norway

5.3. had to pay a billion, to apple, payed it in 5 cents

5.3.1. shows the rivalry between apple and samsung