Causes of World War 1

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Causes of World War 1 by Mind Map: Causes of World War 1

1. The Alliances

1.1. Defensive in nature

1.2. Any conflict usually involved other countries

1.3. Italy stayed neutral so Germany only had one ally; Austria-Hungary

2. Militarism

2.1. Germany increased priority of war

2.2. Over 50% of Germany had been in the Military or Navy

3. Nationalism

3.1. Desire for high status ran through Germany

3.2. Frenchies wanted vengeance

3.3. Many though it would be a short victorious war

4. direct cause of WWI was the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand at Sarajevo

4.1. 28 June 1914

5. The War to End all wars

5.1. WW1 changed from swords and hand to hand combat, to long range rifle battles

5.2. Tanks and whatnot

5.3. Over 15 million casualties

5.4. Over 20 million injured

5.5. War will never be the same

5.6. Also, Trechfoot