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Strategic Database Marketing by Mind Map: Strategic Database Marketing
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Strategic Database Marketing

Customer Life time value

3 dimensions client value


# Clients reachable

Profatibility per client

Stratgy 7 steps

Goup customers demo, profitability, segments

Determine the life time value of each segment

For each segement determine wether increase profitability or retention rate

Put your self in the shoes of the members of the segment, what kind of info, action will increase my spending or loyality

Develop a list of possible services, benefits, rewards, premiums or develop relationships that the customer will value

Imagine you ve implemented these new strategies visualize the impact on spending, retention, refferals by putting them into a lifetime value table

Run little tests to make sure that you are right

5-Building profits with Recency, Frequency, Monetary Analysis




6-Communicating with the customer

7-Customer Retention and Loyalty

8-Customer Segmentaiton

9- Prodictive Modeling

10-Customer Aquisition

11-Strategy verification: Testingand control groups

12-Internet Marketing

13-Retailing experience