The Breakfast Club Audience Research

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The Breakfast Club Audience Research by Mind Map: The Breakfast Club Audience Research

1. Another element that helps engage an audience, is the use of non diegetic sound with a voice over. This is effective because it makes you believe that you are experiencing the characters pain.

2. There is no specific target gender for the film as the character are of different genders. The certification of this film is 15 so therefore the target audience will be off an age of 15-20 and be young adults. The social class of people who watch this film would be from C-E because it is not very hard to understand and is set in a standard education school.

3. The breakfast club is known as a quintessential coming of age 80's film. It is highly ranked on the IMBD website at 7.8 showing its popularity. It received $5 million in the opening weekend of the films release date and grossed $38 million in the USA.

4. The audience is revealed in this opening sequence because of many mise en scene elements. The setting is in a school and this can clearly be seen at the start of the sequence where there are several shots around the school. One of these shots shows some graffiti art which highlights the protagonist's view on school. This will engage a school student because this gives us the impression of rebellion and in Bulmer and Katz's theory, people will watch this as a form of escapism.

5. The characters in the opening are also young which gives us the impression they are students. This is engaging because the audience may be encouraged to watch the film in order to relate with the protagonist's. Costume is also used effectively to engage an audience. This is because the clothing gives us an idea of their persona and traits. For example, the goth that walks in at the end has many connotations relating to his character. The glasses he is wearing suggests to the audience that he has a shady side and the long and ragged clothing gives us the impression that he doesn't care about his appearance.