Juno Audience Research

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Juno Audience Research by Mind Map: Juno Audience Research

1. The gender of the audience of this film would mostly be women. This is because the main issue of the film is about adoption which concerns women. The age of the target audience will be between the ages of 15-18 because the viewers will be able to relate with  the protagonist that the film follows. Groups C and B will mainly be the social class of the target audience because the issues shown in the film are quite serious so a mature audience will be needed to understand the narrative.

2. Another element of mise en scene that would engage and assert the target audience is clothing. The protagonist is wearing jeans and a jumper which a simplistic choice of clothing. This could suggest that the narrative is quite straight forward and is aimed towards a middle class target audience.

3. The setting of the sequence is in a town or city which is a fairly straightforward setting to understand and recognize. Therefore this will be aimed at all ages.

4. Props are also used to engage and inform the target audience. Some props that feature in the opening sequence are a guitar, TV, Bike and Orange juice which all have connotations with youth and so forth makes it easy for the target audience to recognize.

5. The non diegetic music also identifies the audience demographic and engages them. This is because this song has connotations with growing up and youth which will assert the audience. The song is also joyful and energetic which could have connotations with the narrative and therefore encourage the demographic to continue watching.

6. The target audience can be displayed in the opening credits of Juno. The display of the whole sequence is in a cartoon style which shows simplicity and connotes youth. Therefore a younger age group will be engaged by this because they will understand this style and that it is aimed at them. The cartoon style will also allow the audience to apply to Blumer and Katz's theory and that they will watch the film in order to escape from everyday woes because of the fact that the scene doesn't look real.

7. The film made $423,000 in the first weekend even though it was only on 7 screens and grossed $143 million in the USA.