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Earth by Mind Map: Earth

1. Wind Erosion

2. Glacier Erosion

3. Water Erosion

4. Folds and Faults

5. Plates Techtonis

6. Volcanic eruptions

7. Earthquakes

8. Weathering

9. Layers

10. Crust

11. Mantle

12. Lithosphere

13. Asthensophere

14. Outer Core

15. Inner Core

16. Fast Change

17. Slow Change

18. Internal

19. External

20. Are the plates covering the whole Earth. they are moving and spreading

21. Creates and destroys the sea floor.

22. Creates hurricanes, sand dunes and tornadoes. They also move around dirt.

23. Colliding Plates and sliding plates

24. Oceanic Crust

25. Continental Crust

26. Sea Floor Spreading

27. Deep ocean trench

28. Mid Ocean Ridge

29. Spreading Plates

30. plate movement

31. Pangea

32. Continental Drift

33. Mid-ocean ridge

34. Mountains

35. are created by

36. Are created by

37. evidence for age of earth

38. Fossils

39. are

40. Convection Currents

41. Harry Hess

42. Considered one of the founding fathers of the theory of plate tectonics

43. Considered one that theorize the movement of continental plates

44. Age of earth

45. Geological time scale shows us how old the earth is

46. Inside earth

47. Forces of nature

48. hurricanes

49. Seismic Waves

50. Sonar

51. Subduction

52. Theory

53. Evidence

54. IS everything we have done. Everything on her is evidence of how old the earth is. This can all help us

55. Theory


57. Valleys

58. Creates

59. Smooths things out

60. Physical Chemical

61. Alfred Wegenger

62. Oceanic Crust

63. Continental Crust

64. The Convection currents in the Mantle move the Earth's lithosphere(which contains our plates)

65. Alfred Wegener discovered rock patterens, fossils, and glacier evidence, and the Jigsaw fit of continents to support the idea that our continents were once together. Scientific communtiy did not believe him and thought he was crazy because he could not explain HOW they move.

66. Harry hess came along and discovered that the bottom of the sea-floor had ridges in the center and trenches near continents using sonar.                                    Evidence: Magentic Strips, age of rocks are younger in the center and increase in age as you get closer to trenches, molten material erupting from the center of the mid-ocean ridge.

67. The study of plate movement on earth driven by convection currents in teh mantle          Three types of movement     Spreading(causes ridgesto form and volcanic eruptions                                    Colliding(Volcanoes and mountains to form                                                              Sliding(causes faults and folds

68. Eight forces of nature that shape our land over varying times(slow and fast) and spatial scales(small changes to huge changes                                                Plate movement, Folds and Faults, Earthquakes, Volcanic eruptions, Weathering, Glacier erosion, wind erosion, and water erosion

69. Geological time scale                                Evidence   Rock and fossil data. A time scale is spread out where it has only been in the past 500 million years that all life we know has evidence.