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Living things by Mind Map: Living things

1. Animal Kingdom

1.1. Vertebrates

1.1.1. Mammals Viviparous Covered with fur or hair Breathe with lungs Most have legs

1.1.2. Birds Oviparous Covered with feathers Breathe with lungs Two legs and two wings

1.1.3. Reptiles Oviparous Covered with scales Breathe with lungs Most have legs

1.1.4. Amphibians Oviparous Breathe through gills young / Lungs when adults Covered skin Adults have legs

1.1.5. Fish Oviparous Covered with scales Breathe through gills Have fins

1.2. Invertebrates

1.2.1. Sponges Are aquatic Live attached to surfaces Filter seawater for food

1.2.2. Cnidarians Soft bodies Poisonous tentacles Some can move, some are attached

1.2.3. Worms Long, soft bodies No legs Some are terrestrial, some aquatic

1.2.4. Molluscs Soft bodies Many have shell Most are aquatic

1.2.5. Echinoderms Marine animals Internal skeleton made up of plates Many have spines

1.2.6. Arthropods External skeleton Jointed legs Segmented bodies

2. Plant Kingdom

2.1. Non-flowering plants

2.1.1. Mosses

2.1.2. Ferns

2.2. Seed-producing plants

2.2.1. Gymnosperms

2.2.2. Angiosperms

3. Kingdoms

3.1. Animal Kingdom

3.1.1. Multicellular

3.1.2. Feed on other living things

3.1.3. Most can move about

3.2. Plant Kingdom

3.2.1. Make their own food

3.2.2. Multicellular

3.2.3. Cannot move about

3.3. Protista kingdom

3.3.1. Algae

3.3.2. Unicellular or Multicellular

3.3.3. Some can make their own food

3.4. Fungi Kingdom

3.4.1. Unicellular or multicellular

3.4.2. Feed on other living things

3.4.3. Cannot move about

3.5. Monera kingdom

3.5.1. Unicellular

3.5.2. Bacteria

3.5.3. Some can make their own food