Mise En Scene

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Mise En Scene by Mind Map: Mise En Scene

1. Clothing/Costume

1.1. Common costumes seen in thrillers:

1.1.1. Police costume

1.1.2. Dark clothing

1.1.3. business men clothing

1.2. What clothing we will use:

1.2.1. normal clothing

1.2.2. detective costume

1.2.3. Dark clothing

1.3. Why we have chosen these: We have decided to use these 3 costumes for our characters to wear. This is because it will help the audience understand the plot and events as well as being able to put across key information with the possibility of a plot twist or narrative retardation

2. Lighting and Colour

2.1. Common uses of light in thrillers:

2.1.1. Low key lighting

2.1.2. saturated colours

2.1.3. dark theme

2.1.4. deep/bright red to make blood stand out

2.1.5. grey to show mystery

2.2. How we will use lighting:

2.2.1. dark

2.2.2. grey

2.2.3. low key lighting

2.3. Why: We chose to use these stereotypical colours and lighting as this highlights to the audience the thriller genre and the atmosphere that the characters are in (mysterious/dangerous). It can also help the audience to gain a sense of authenticity from our opening film and sets up for the remaining film.

3. Props

3.1. Common props in thillers:

3.1.1. Guns

3.1.2. smartphone

3.1.3. Candels

3.1.4. knife

3.1.5. Money

3.2. What props we will use:

3.2.1. smartphone

3.2.2. case file

3.2.3. criminal investigation board

3.3. Why we will use them: We will use these 3 props as they will all be key in the plot and development of the opening to our Thriller film.  The smartphone is good for us to use as this allows us to connect with the audience as they will be of age range where technology is widely used by them. Both the case file and criminal investigation board will allow the audience to follow along with the plot as well as allowing us to embed our title sequence into them, to engage the audience and be unique

4. Location

4.1. Common locations used in thrillers:

4.1.1. city

4.1.2. Forest

4.1.3. house

4.2. Settings my group will use:

4.2.1. city

4.3. Why we are using this location: We have decided to use a city setting as we believe this creates more suspense as to what has happened and also allows us to use its large scale to make the audience question and highten the scale of events