Bipolar Disorder

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Bipolar Disorder by Mind Map: Bipolar Disorder

1. Body

1.1. The physical effects of bipolar disorder come from both the disorder itself as well as its indirect effects. For example, many people with bipolar disorder also develop substance abuse problems in an attempt to ease their symptoms. The effects of bipolar disorder can also result in less productivity in depressive episodes, but productivity can actually increase during episodes of Mania. This irregularity often leads to emotional instability and relationship loss.

1.1.1. Physical Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder include: - Hyperactivity - Significant changes in appetite and sleep patterns - Trouble breathing - Racing speech - Social withdrawal - Loss/gain of energy - Aches and pains - Unexplained crying spells - Poor overall health - Weight gain/loss - Blood pressure and heart problems - Diabetes

2. Mind

2.1. "A person with bipolar disorder will alternate between periods of mania (elevated mood) and periods of depression (feelings of intense sadness). In between these two extremes, a person will have periods of normal mood" (Mood Disorders Association of BC. 2008)

2.1.1. MANIA: Mania is an extreme inclination of energy,  feeling of well-being, and optimism. These feelings, however, might be so powerful that you can lose contact with reality. You might find yourself believing peculiar things about yourself, making bad judgments, as well as behaving in hazardous ways, Mania could make it impossible to deal with life effectively. What do I feel when in an episode of Mania? While in an episode of mania you may feel very energetic and very happy. You may also be unable/unwilling to sleep? What do those around me feel when i'm in an episode of Mania? While in an episode of Mania, others may notice the following: - Jumping very quickly from one idea to another Making unrealistic plans  - Very active and moving very quickly - Speaking very quickly - Making odd decisions in the spur of the moment

2.1.2. DEPRESSION: Sadness is a feeling everyone experiences. Its a natural reaction to losses and painful events. With time, these feelings lessen. But for someone with bipolar disorder, a depressive event can be much more serious. The bad times goes on for longer and makes it very hard to take on simple day to day tasks of living. How do I feel when in an episode of depression? While in an episode of Depression you may feel that feelings of unhappiness that do not go away, lose interest in things, feel extremely tired, loss of self-confidence, as well as feeling suicidal.