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Trees by Mind Map: Trees

1. NP Small Fatra

1.1. In the NP Small Fatra are are mostly mixed forests. A second group of trees are leef forests.

1.1.1. Beech

1.1.2. Oak

1.1.3. Fir

2. NP Poloniny

2.1. 80 percent of the park is covered by forests of beech-dominated stands. It is located in the east of Slovakia.

2.1.1. Beech

3. NP Pieniny

3.1. Native forests are mainly beech, fir and flowery forests, in the valleys of the river Dunajec.

3.1.1. Beech

3.1.2. Fir

4. NP High Tatras

4.1. In the National Park High Tatras are the most widespread coniferous trees. Above coniferous trees are scrubs.

4.1.1. Pine

4.1.2. Spruce

4.1.3. Fir

5. NP Low Tatras

5.1. The dominance of beech is reflected by the name of the Bukovské Hills: the Beech Hills.

6. NP Big Fatra

6.1. In the NP Big Fatra are the most most widespread leef forests.

6.1.1. Beech