International Relations

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International Relations by Mind Map: International Relations

1. Philosophers

1.1. John Locke

1.1.1. thought that there shouldn't be a gov't and everyone should have compete freedom

1.2. Machiehveli

1.2.1. thought that the gov't should be strict

1.3. Smith

1.3.1. Thought that there should be a gov't that rules the country

1.4. Hobbes

1.4.1. thought that there should be a gov't but not force them under rules

1.5. Debate

2. UN Model

2.1. Pakistan-India Senario

2.1.1. we did a UN model came up with solutions at the end wrote a resolution debated and discussed and everyone wrote a speech and represented in front of the UN model

2.2. Guyana-Venezuela Senario

2.2.1. UN model discussed solution debated wrote resolutions wrote a speech and discussed my point of view with the class

3. Types of governments

3.1. Facism

3.2. Communism

3.3. Absolute Monarchy

3.4. Democracy

3.5. Dictatorship

4. War

4.1. definition

4.2. types of wars

4.2.1. Hegemonic war

4.2.2. Total war

4.2.3. Limited war

4.2.4. Civil war

4.2.5. Guerilla war

4.3. International humanitarian law:the essential rules

5. Peacekeeping

5.1. About peacekeeping

5.2. assignments

5.2.1. presentation about a conflict that was solved by peacekeeping

5.2.2. Board game about peacekeepong

5.2.3. watched a documentary about peacekeeping mission in Rwanda

6. Genocides

6.1. read an article about the genocide in Rwanda

6.1.1. US role in the genocide

6.2. wrote an essay about the article

6.3. Class discussions

7. Terrorism

7.1. what is terrorism

7.2. examples of terrorism taking place

7.3. countries involved

7.4. responses of the countries that were attacked