Professional Growth: 10-Month Plan

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Professional Growth: 10-Month Plan by Mind Map: Professional Growth: 10-Month Plan

1. Enhance Python Programming Skills

1.1. Coursera Courses Machine Learning 4-Course Specialization

1.1.1. C1: Machine Learning Foundations: A Case Study Approach

1.1.2. C2: Machine Learning Regression

1.1.3. C3: Machine Learning Classification

1.1.4. C4: Machine Learning: Clustering & Retrieval

1.2. Coursera Courses Applied Data Science with Python 5-Course Specialization

1.2.1. C1: Introduction to Data Science in Python

1.2.2. C2: Applied Plotting, Charting & Data Representation in Python

1.2.3. C3: Applied Machine Learning in Python

1.2.4. C4: Applied Text Mining in Python

1.2.5. C5: Applied Social Network Analysis in Python

2. Community

2.1. Attend Lesbians Who Tech SF Summit!

2.2. Create an Project Blog--Ongoing project

2.3. Attend Sports Analytic conference

2.4. Attend AfroTech 2018 Conference

3. Build Data Visualization Skills

3.1. Courses

3.1.1. D3.js Essential Training For Data Scienctists

3.1.2. DC.js for Data Science Essential Training

3.1.3. Learning Data Visualization with D3.js

3.1.4. Crossfilter for Data Science Essential Training

3.1.5. R: Interactive Visualization with htmlwidgets

3.2. Courses

3.2.1. Real time web dashboards Highcharts

3.2.2. D3.js Data Visualization Fundamental

3.2.3. D3: The Big Picture

3.2.4. Geospatial Mapping with D3

4. Web Development Gain skills from everyday tasks @ work

4.1. HTML

4.2. CSS

4.3. Javascript Programming