Ethics - Human Relationships

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Ethics - Human Relationships by Mind Map: Ethics - Human Relationships

1. Contraception

1.1. Accepted by all churches as its natural

1.1.1. Rhythm method - only having g sex when the woman is least fertile

1.1.2. Withdrawal - penis removed before ejaculation

1.2. Not accepted by Catholics but other churches do accept it

1.2.1. Condom / Femidom - creates a barrier between the sperm and egg

1.2.2. Sterilisation - stops the child producing capabilities of the male or female

1.3. Condemned by most Christians

1.3.1. The morning after pill - prevents an embryo from attaching to the womb Not contraception but abortion

2. Gay Marriage

2.1. Cohabitation - people living together without legal recognition of the relationship

2.2. Civil partnership - legal recognition of same sex couples. It hasn't been abolished but is less common

2.3. Corinthians, Chapter 6 - those who practice homosexuality will not be allowed into the kingdom of heave

2.4. Sodom and Gomorrah, two wicked cities full of homosexuals where destroyed by God

2.5. Matthew, Chapter 9 - Jesus had dinner with disreputable sinners but showed mercy to those who had admitted sinning

2.6. Jesus says the greatest commandment is to love God and your neighbour as yourself - God accepts and loves everyone as equal

3. Marriage - the legal recognition of the union between two people (In Christianity, a man and women)

3.1. Covenant - an agreement between two people to do something in the eyes of God

3.2. Opening - minister explains the purpose of knowledge, a gift from God. Checks there is no objections to the marriage

3.3. Exchange of vows - vows exchanged in front of God and witnesses. Promise to love and support one another

3.4. Exchanging the rings - rings exchanged and blessed by God

3.5. Prayers - ask for the couples blessing, hymns are usually sung

3.5.1. Couple encouraged to rely on God for support, keeping God in the marriage will strengthen it

3.6. Signing the register - couples sign, along with two. Witnesses and are given a marriage certificate / the legal agreement

4. Sex before marriage - pre-marital sex

4.1. Christian view - you should wait until you are married, its a gift from God and should only be shared with the person you have made that commitment to.

4.1.1. y

4.2. Promiscuous sex - sex with a number of propels without  a commitment.

4.2.1. Devaluing the Gift of God

4.2.2. Some couples decided on an open marriage - agreement either partner can sleep with / have sex with anyone they want. Couples believe this is more exiting and improves their relationship Can lead to problems such as pregnancy and STI's

5. Marriage and Devorce

5.1. Catholics

5.1.1. Doesn't accept divorce Divorce breaks the legal vows but also the vows said in the presence of God - braking the vows would be sinful Remarriage is considered adultery and not recognised by God Couples may separate but not enter any other relationship

5.2. Protestant

5.2.1. Encourages couples to work hard and keep their commitment

5.2.2. Does accept divorce when adultery or abuse is involved Meet with a Priest who will discuss remarriage and if you aren't at fault, they will accept remarriage

6. Men and women

6.1. Women should remain silent in the Churches. They are not allowed to speak but should remain in submission, as the law says.

6.1.1. Women aren't allowed to have a role within the church

6.2. Naomi and Ruth, Deborah, Esther and Priscilla are all strong female characters in the Bible.

6.3. Jesus' attitudes towards women in the gospels is to treat them as equals.

6.4. Views within the family

6.4.1. Traditional Wives submit to their husbands as to the lord as the husband is head of the family. Women are under the rule of their husbands I will make a suitable helper for Adam Women are designed as assistants - they are inferior and created as an after thought Eve saw the fruit from the forbidden tree. She took it and ate it Women are the reason for all suffering as they allowed sin into the world

6.4.2. Modern There is neither male of female for you are all equal in the eyes of Christ There is no superior gender in the eyes of Christ Love your neighbour as yourself Respect everyone as an equal I'm going to make humans in my image Man and women were created to look like God, he has no bias