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Education by Mind Map: Education

1. Women didn't have a right to education

2. Both of Parvana's parents received a university education

3. Taliban denies children opportunities later on in life due to bans on education

4. Ms Weera, mother and Nooria create a secret school so that children may still be able to learn something

5. Education provides power, so the Taliban controlling people's education allows them to have power over the people

6. Most people in Afghanistan could not read or write. Parvana was one of the lucky ones. Both of her parents had been to university, and they believed in education for everyone, even girls. Chapter 1

7. "Leave him alone!" Mother screamed. "He has done nothing wrong!"                "Why did you go to England for your education? the soldier yelled at Father. "Afghanistan doesn't need your foreign ideas!" They yanked him toward the door.                                                        Chapter 2