Static Electricity

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Static Electricity by Mind Map: Static Electricity

1. Charge

1.1. Negatively-charged

1.1.1. Amber(rubbed with fur)

1.1.2. Rubber(rubbed with fur)

1.1.3. Polythene(rubbed with wool)

1.2. Positively-charged

1.2.1. Glass(rubbed with silk)

1.2.2. Perspex(rubbed with wool)

1.3. SI Unit- Coulomb (C)

1.3.1. 1C=6.24 x 10^18

1.4. Like poles attract, Unlike poles repel

1.5. Charge cannot be created or destroyed

2. Ways of charging

2.1. Rubbing

2.1.1. Two neutral objects Charge is transfered between each other.

2.2. Induction

2.2.1. One postively object and a negatively charged object When the negatively charged object is brought near a positive object, they will attract each other.

3. Electric Field

3.1. A region in which an electric charge experiences a force

3.2. Lines begin from positive charge and end on negative charge

3.3. Number of lines leaving a positive charge or ending on a negative charge is proportional to the magnitude of the charge

3.4. No two field lines can cross each other

3.5. Electric field between parallel oppositely-charged plates is uniform at the central region

4. Hazards of Electrostatics

4.1. Fire

4.2. Shock

5. Applications

5.1. Photocopier

5.2. Lazer Printer

5.3. Electrostatic Paint Sprayer

5.4. Electrostatic Precipitator