Research project

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Research project by Mind Map: Research project

1. Want more info on the assessment tasks?

1.1. Check out our Research project wiki,, sign up and join our group.

1.2. Go to for specific info on the course

1.3. Ask me or check out the posters in our room

2. Who can help you?

2.1. Talk about your topic, refine your research question, record these discussions as evidence in the folio

2.2. Find experts to help you with technical info

2.3. Get onto the Student Web Research tool - J/common/Research Project/information literacy package/student web, click on index, use offline for every part of research project (and research in your other subjects)

3. Where to start?

3.1. Try, sign up for free or download the ipod app or "Thinking space" on Android

3.2. Grab a lotus diagram, start in the middle, write down any topics that interest you. Fill in the boxes by adding details for each topic

3.3. Write topics or questions on post-it notes, rank them by importance. Remember this is your research project, the topic has to be exciting for YOU!

4. The parts of the research project

4.1. Research proposal - explaining your topic

4.2. Evidence of learning - journal, folders, blog, wiki

4.2.1. Tyou will need to create a journal (paper or digital) Try "Onenote" to collect evidence of your learning, just remember to print a hard copy to keep a backup of your work

4.3. Discussion with mentor teacher

4.4. Research outcome - produce something from your learning

4.5. Evaluation (external)