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Bullying by Mind Map: Bullying

1. Existing Social Conditions

1.1. Bullying has a strong impact on school settings, as it is the most likey place that a child will suffer from bullying .

1.1.1. Bullying has impacted the internet in the form of cyberbullying. The access that children and teens have to electronic technology has caused an explosing of cyberbullying in recent years (Cyberbullying).

2. Social Roles

2.1. The Bully - This is the person who engages in the bullying behavior.

2.1.1. The Victim - This is the target who is subjected to bullying behaviour because of their uniqueness from the rest of the kids.

3. Cultural Beliefs & Biases

3.1. Playing the blame game and labeling kids either the "bullies" or "victims" without getting to the root of the problem.

3.1.1. Rigid beliefs and ideas on how boys and girls are "supposed to be" creates enviroments for bullying to take place (Pace, 2013).

4. Social Inequalities

4.1. Sexual orientation can cause bullying (Pascoe, 2014).

4.1.1. Income inequality can cause bullying.