Chemical Bonding

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Chemical Bonding by Mind Map: Chemical Bonding

1. ionic bond

1.1. giant ionic structure

1.1.1. ions strong ionic bond

1.1.2. solids hard and brittle

1.1.3. high melting point and boiling point

1.1.4. soluble in water

1.1.5. conduct electricity in molten state or aqueous solution

1.2. e.g: NaCl

2. covalent bond

2.1. simple molecular structure

2.1.1. molecules weak van der waals' forces

2.1.2. gas/liquid/metal soft

2.1.3. low melting point and boiling point

2.1.4. insoluble in water

2.1.5. non-conductors

2.2. giant covalent structure

2.2.1. atoms strong covalent bond

2.2.2. solids

2.2.3. very high melting and boiling point

2.2.4. insoluble in water

2.2.5. non-conductors (except graphite)

3. metallic bond

3.1. giant metallic structure

3.1.1. atoms strong metallic bond

3.1.2. solids (except mercury) malleable and ductile

3.1.3. usally high m.p and b.p

3.1.4. insoluble in water

3.1.5. good conductor