The Digital Dialogue of Direct Marketing

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The Digital Dialogue of Direct Marketing by Mind Map: The Digital Dialogue of Direct Marketing

1. The needs for dialogue

1.1. Listen

1.2. Support

1.3. Prompts

1.4. ...and sometime Silence

2. What is the dialogue of a customer?

2.1. Today, the customer is connected to multiple media touch points.

2.2. The direction of communication is no longer one way. Broadcast is out.

2.3. The overwhelming number of channels presents a need to harness a coordinated dialogue.

3. What about many customers?

3.1. A one-size fits all approach is no longer viable

3.2. Customers expect individualisation in their marketing messages

3.3. The catalyst for customer loyalty is right time, right place, personalised communications

4. Data as a valuable asset

4.1. A cherished email address, phone number or twitter handle must be earned, respected and valued

4.2. The how and when you send the right marketing message to these channels determine strength of response and loyalty of custommer

4.3. You are only ever one poorly targeted email away from 'Unsubscribe'. Eliminate risk with insight

5. What can I do with all this data?

5.1. Listening to a conversation gives you more opportunities to respond in a sensitve manner and build a customer profile

5.2. Broadcasting a single message to ALL can be damaging - crafting content based on the user profile is key

5.3. Delivering the right message at the wrong time can create a missed opportunity

5.4. Dialogue is the means by which customer loyalty is secured long-term and generates further relevant data

6. Opportunities for dialogue

6.1. Dialogue shaped by the customer expressing their preferences to an organisation:

6.1.1. An opt-in to communication channel(s)

6.1.2. Choice of product

6.2. Dialogue will be supported by the business:

6.2.1. With a timely response

6.2.2. Relevant product offering

6.2.3. Special offer

7. The evolution of Direct Marketing

7.1. Traditionally, Direct Marketers have kept clear of "technology the distraction"

7.2. ...this is no longer viable as consumers use "technology the enabler" to drive and inform choice - be this through price comparison websites, barcode scanning mobile apps, product reviews or voucher codes

8. Useful Links

8.1. Occam DM

8.2. Alterian

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