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6)Amount of subtance(mole):mol

N x 10 ^n where N is equal or more than 1 and 10 is more than N and n is an integer

Derived quantity:some of the derived quantitite include area,volume,density,speed,accelartion,force,pressure,work and power

1)Area(length x breadth):m^2

2)Volume(length x width x height):m^3

3)Density(mass + volume):kg m^-3

4)Speed(distance + time):m s^-1

5)Accelaration(change in velocity +time):kg m s^-2

6)Pressure(force + area):kg m^-1 s^-2 (N m^-2)

7)Work(force x distance):kg m^2 s ^-2 (N m)

8)Power(work + time):kg m^-2 s^-3 (J s ^-1)

Physical quantities

-A quantity that can be measured and consists of a magnitude and unit.

-The quantities can be classified into two types:the Derived quantity and the Base quantity.

-Base quantity is the known as the fundemental quantity as it is independent of other physical quantities

-Derived quantity is defined by operations based on other physical quantities

S.I units:International system of units

Base quantity:there are seven base quantities and they are length,mass,time,electric current,temperature,amount of subtance and luminious intensity

SI unit for base quantities a:




4)Electric current(ampere):A


7)Luminous intensity(candela):cd

Prefixes:simplify the writing of very large or very small quantities

Some of the prefixes include:nano,micro,milli,centi,deci,kilo,mega and giga

1)Nano(10^-9): n

2)Micro(10^-6): ยต







Measurement of Length and time

The two types of errors are random errors and systematic errors.

Instruments used for measuring length:Measuring tape,metre ruler,vernier calipers and micrometer srew gauge

Measuring tape: measures to anaccuracy of 0.1 cm

Metre ruler: measures to an accuracy of 0.01 cm

Vernier calipers: measures to anaccuracy of 0.01 cm

Vernier calipers consists of inside jaws,outside jaws,vernier scale,main scale and depth bar

Micrometer screw gauge: measures to an accuracy of 0.01 mm

Micrometer screw gauge consists of anvil,spindle,sleeve,thimble and ratchet

Instruments used for measuring time:pendulum clock/clock,watch and stopwatch

The pendulum clock uses a pendulum and the oscillation of a pendulum refers to a single cycle of a cyclic or repeating motion.The time for 1 complete oscillation is referred to the period of oscillation.


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