Absolute Monarchs in Europe

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Absolute Monarchs in Europe by Mind Map: Absolute Monarchs in Europe

1. Nobility and governement

1.1. Louis built the palace at Versaille for the Nobles

1.1.1. Had the Nobles focus of luxury rather than fighting for power

1.2. William had the support of the Nobles

1.3. Phillip's rule: massive inflation and prices soared

1.4. Peter made himself head of the Orthodox Church

2. Rulers

2.1. Kings of the Bourbon dynasty: Henry IV, LouisXIII, Louis XIV

2.2. Bourbons replaced the Hapsburgs as the most powerful dynasty

2.3. Fredrick William of Prussia, known as the great elector

2.4. Phillip of Spain (Hapsburgs)

2.5. Peter the Great of Russia

2.6. Queen Elizabeth I of England

3. Personality and Ideas/Accomplishments

3.1. looked upon themselves as the head of government

3.1.1. Louis XIV came to embody absolutism

3.2. understood there were limits to his authority despite of his power

3.3. Very religious, and believed strongly in divine right

3.4. William used the end of the 30 years war to gain more territories

3.4.1. increased his power over subjects had power to raise taxes without consent

3.5. Phillip used spain's wealth to built an armada

3.5.1. Armada was used to defend Catholicism against Protestanism

3.6. Peter wanted to westernize/modernize Russia

3.6.1. learned new ideas on shipbuilding,gov't organization,music,etc Mad

3.7. Elizabeth refused to share her power with a man/ never married

3.7.1. Beheaded her cousin: Mary Queen of Scots