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Past Tense by Mind Map: Past Tense

1. Past Procgressive (a,ka Past continuous)

1.1. In progress at a specific moment.

1.1.1. I was walking my dog at 4 o'clock.

1.1.2. We were eating dinner at night.

1.2. One action was happening when an other interrupted.

1.2.1. I was playing soccer when I broke my ankle.

1.3. 2 actions happening in the past, at the same time.

1.3.1. Yesterday, I was playing soccer while it was rainIng.

2. Simple Past

2.1. Spanish

2.1.1. New vocabulary

3. emphasizes progress

4. watch this video

5. Form of Past Continuous

5.1. declarative sentences

5.1.1. Subject + was/were + verbING

5.2. Interrogative sentences

5.2.1. yes/no Was/Were + subject +verbing+ object

5.2.2. information questions WH/ How + was/were + subject+ verbing + object