DM Partner Mtg

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DM Partner Mtg by Mind Map: DM Partner Mtg

1. Provide Value to each person

2. Networking

2.1. Prep/Supplies

2.1.1. Business Cards Elevator Speech Send Draft to Diane What's Your Local Score Have a printed handout - postcard like your Poster Text Opt-In "Local" and send them thru your funnel

2.1.2. If there is anything I or someone in my network and help you with, let me know. h

2.1.3. Know Your USP Market Position Have testimonial stories on the tip of your tongue

2.2. Log and Track everyone you meet and make notes about the conversation ideally in Active Campaign

2.2.1. Day 1 - Sunday Do MORE than anyone else Be more available than anyone else Make a list of the Certified Partners in Attendence Ask Fernando Gomez how to access it Look at the members of the Certified Partner Facebook Page Mindset excite other people's mind with the possibility of their own business, you can help them get there You are looking for IDEAL clients You are a big deal and what you offer is exactly what they've been looking for - help them see that Meet up with whoever is meeting for a drink They are meeting at 7pm Invite people to join you for breakfast Daily Goal - meet 5 Certified Partners that you don't now Get their business cards Invite to your local campaign Tell them a story about how you helped Don get moving Tell a story about a really successful funnel that you created. Use stats if possible -- % increase, exceeded expectations (pleased client) and over delivered

2.2.2. Text them that it was nice to meet them.

2.2.3. Day 2 Monday Be there Early Record the sessions on your phone, upload them into Dropbox (or like) and share with Diane Ask staff AND attendees who is worth meeting ask for an introduction Graham English Anyone active in Certified Partner Facebook Group Frank Cowell Alasdair McWilliam Half Day Goal Meet 5 Certified Partners that You or Fernando Do NOT know Plan a Dinner Group Take lots of pictures with Ryan and everyone you meet. Post them on the Certified Partner's Facebook Group with information about the conference Certified Partner's Facebook Group Be the Conference REPORTER Invite People to meet you for Breakfast

2.2.4. Day 3 Tuesday Mindset I was thinking about you and what we talked about yesterday Be there early Talk to RYAN AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE Talk to DM Staff Ask Other DM Partners who is worth meeting Meet more people during breaks Be Conference Reporter Updates hourly with pics and info Revisit with the people you met the day before

2.3. Post Event

2.3.1. within 24 hours after event Funnel to follow up Beginning of long-term relationship Text the qualified prospects the pic that you took