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Gardening by Mind Map: Gardening

1. Planting

1.1. Get an idea

1.2. Find a suitable place to plant

1.3. Clearand dig the ground

1.4. Buy good soils to improve it into area

1.5. Plant the flower

2. Watering

2.1. Give appropriate water to the plant!

2.2. Get the timing right

2.3. Concentrate watering on the roots

2.4. Use a rain gauge

2.5. Use a sprinkler in your garden

2.6. Use waste water from preparing vegetbles

3. Fertilizing

3.1. Understand what chemical fertilizers are made of

3.2. Research the nutrient requirements for the crop that are growing

3.3. Have the soil tested to understand what compounds are needed the most for the growing conditions and crops

3.4. Calculate how much fertilizer needed

3.5. Purchase the product that needed for crop and soil condition

3.6. Apply the fertilizer

3.7. Cultivate or till the fertilizer into the soil around the plants

4. Pruning

4.1. Pinching is one of the easiest "cuts" to make without cutting

4.2. Heading is cutting farther back on the shhot thant you would for pinching

4.3. Shearing used to create a hedge or a bush with spherical or square form

4.4. Thinning reduce the bulk of a plant with minimal regrowth

5. Replanting

5.1. Water all of the plants that you wish to transplant using a transplanting fertilizer

5.2. Fill uo the destination pot with potting soil

5.3. Mix the same transplanting fertilizer with an equal amount of water and saturate the soil of the destination pot with the mixture

5.4. Remove the plant form its original pot

5.5. Place the plant in the destination pot

5.6. Keep the new pot in a place with low levels of light for a few days