Racism and prejudice Wordlist

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Racism and prejudice Wordlist by Mind Map: Racism and prejudice  Wordlist

1. The fight for civil rights

1.1. Protests against the whites

1.2. The Blacks Panther Party - started in 1964

1.2.1. . Many were afraid of them, because they were violent and sometimes they killed white people

1.2.2. They did also good things as well. They opened schools for black children and gave them food and clothes

1.3. Racial tensions between blacks and whites

2. Civil rights movement

2.1. Racial and social injustice

2.2. Civil rights act

2.3. A big group of blacks who fought against racism

3. Protests and demonstrations

3.1. The Montgomery Bus Boycott

3.2. The sit-ins

4. Martin Luther King

4.1. On the 28th of August 1963 more than 250,000 people came to Washington and marched to the Lincoln Memorial - here Martin Luther King made the greatest speech of his live - I have a Dream

4.2. 1960 was an important and a busy year for King

4.2.1. In this year, the students made the "Sit-ins"

4.3. King also wanted to end poverty

4.3.1. In the meanwhile there were a war in Vietnam. King made a speech about stopping it, but he got attacked afterwards

4.4. King died in the 4th of April 1968, because he was murdered - someone had shot him. He became 39 years old

4.4.1. After his death, his wife, Coretta Scott King took over King's work. She worked for peace and civil rights for the rest of her life

4.5. King made a huge difference for the blacks in South America

5. "The Butler"

5.1. Racism

5.2. Prejudice -

5.3. Segeration

6. Prejudiced

6.1. Narrow-minded

6.1.1. One-sided view

6.2. Snap-judgements

6.2.1. Judging people from the first sight

6.3. Stereotypes

6.3.1. Negative and exaggerated

7. Equal rights/equality

7.1. Blacks and whites at restaurants, shops etc.

7.2. Discriminate

7.3. Justice/injustice

7.4. Segregation

8. People, who fought for blacks

8.1. Nelson Mandela - South Africa, Apartheid

8.2. Martin Luther King - South America

8.3. Rosa Parks - South America, The Bus Boycott

8.4. Malcolm X, South America - "Blacks should fight with violence. It's the only language white racists understand"

9. Elections

9.1. Abraham Lincoln was elected as president in the US in 1860

9.1.1. Slavery ended in 1865 because Lincoln wanted to end it

9.2. John F. Kennedy was elected in 1961 and he wanted to end segregation

9.2.1. He was shot on the 22th og November 1963

9.3. After Kennedy, Lyndon B Johnson was elected as the new president in 1963

9.3.1. While he was president, the Civils Rights Law was signed, and more blacks could now vote. In 1963 6 persent of blacks could vote, and in 1969, 66 persent of blacks could vote