Adolescent Substance Abuse

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Adolescent Substance Abuse by Mind Map: Adolescent Substance Abuse

1. Social Inequalities

1.1. Poverty

1.1.1. Poverty often effects the types of people one surrounds themselves with and level of education they are able to have access too.

1.2. Poor Mental Health

1.2.1. Often those addicted or abusing substances have poor mental health. Poor mental health clouds their judgment making them believe that just using these substances will give them a sense of relief and the continuious use often leads to substance abuse.

2. Existing Social Conditions

2.1. Crime

2.1.1. Most addicted and substance abusing individuals often get involved in crime such as being caught with the initial substance, and some of the time being charged with intent to sell the substance.

2.2. Violence

2.2.1. Some substances, especially when abused alter the mind set and can cause violence in the user.

3. Cultural Beliefs and Biases

3.1. Addicted adolescents often believe that everyone their age is doing it to. This mindset causes the adolescent to continue abusing that substance.

4. Social Roles

4.1. Addict

4.1.1. An adolescent abusing various substances often take the social role of an addict. Abusing substances often leads to addiction.

4.2. Adolescent

4.2.1. Their age and maturity place them in the adolescent social role. Adolescents are easily manipulated and often like to follow trends putting them at risk when introduced with drugs or alcohol. With their lack of knowledge about the substance they often end up abusing it.