Building and sustaining relationship in retailing

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Building and sustaining relationship in retailing by Mind Map: Building and sustaining relationship in retailing

1. The differences in relationship building between goods and services retailers

1.1. Goods

1.2. Service

1.2.1. 3 kinds of service retailing Rented-goods service Owned-goods service Non-goods service

1.2.2. 4 unique aspect of service retailing Intangibility Inseparability Perishability Variability

1.2.3. Factors affecting consumer perception Convenience Retailer understanding of consumer needs Reliable self-service technologies Readiness to respond to customer request Service performed right the first time Dependability in handling problems Service provided as promised Respectful contact with customers Information about the service Quality of employees Service quality and reliability The service enviroment Clarity of service benefits Promptness of service

2. Technology relationship in retailing

2.1. Customer and supplier interaction

2.2. Electronic banking

3. Ethical performance and relationship in retailing

3.1. Ethic

3.2. Social responsibility

3.3. Consumerism

4. Value and value chain

4.1. Why is value such meaning of concept

4.2. Retail value chain

4.3. 3 aspects of value oriented retail strategy

4.3.1. Expected retail strategy

4.3.2. Augmented retail strategy

4.3.3. Potential retail strategy

4.4. 5 potential pitfalls to avoid in planning a value oriented retail strategy

4.4.1. Planning value with just price perspective

4.4.2. Providing value-enhancing services

4.4.3. Competing in wrong value

4.4.4. Belief augmented element can create value

4.4.5. Paying lip service to customer service

5. Retailer relationship

5.1. Customer relationship

5.1.1. Customer base

5.1.2. Customer service

5.1.3. Customer satisfaction

5.1.4. Loyalty program

5.2. Channel relationship

5.2.1. Effective relationship channel

5.2.2. Ramification for retailer