OutWitting the Devil - Napoleon Hill

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OutWitting the Devil - Napoleon Hill by Mind Map: OutWitting the Devil - Napoleon Hill

1. Your dominating thoughts attract their physical counterpart

1.1. The thought patterns with which you mix the greatest amount of emotions are the dominating thoughts of the brain.

1.1.1. If you fear Poverty - you get poverty

1.1.2. If you demand abundance and opulence - you get that

1.2. Hypnotic Rythm - Our habitual Thought patterns bring about Success or Failure

1.2.1. What does the Law of Hypnotic Rythm Act upon? Thoughts mixed with the most intense feelings

1.2.2. Law of Hypnotic Rythm forces upon every human - the dominating influence of the environment in which it exists

1.3. Thought Habits are established by repetition of thoughts

2. Biggest Challenge

2.1. Drifiting

2.1.1. No definite Purpose Aimless No purpose/mission/goal

2.1.2. Defined by External Circumstances Constantly swayed by them

2.1.3. Unable to think for oneself

2.1.4. Not controlling their own thinking

2.1.5. Nature ABHORS Vaccum There can be no idleness of the brain An idle brain will find itself in negativity

3. 7 Principles for getting freedom from the Devil

3.1. 1. Definiteness of Purpose

3.1.1. People who gain and maintain power must become definite in their aims and thoughts

3.1.2. On Planning Weak Plan + Definite Application will win over Weak plans will become strong if definitely applied Strong Plan + Indefinite application

3.1.3. Definite Plans + Purpose will not always win There will be failures BUt the Key is to persist with definite purpose Plans will evolve

3.1.4. Definiteness is the 1st Requisite for any and all successful undertakings

3.2. 2. Self Discipline

3.2.1. We must gain self mastery in order to be able to move with definiteness of purpose

3.3. 3. learning from Adversity

3.3.1. Failure is man-made Because it is not failure unless one accepts it as such

3.3.2. There is always a seed of opportunity in every failure

3.3.3. The greatest benefit of adversity is that it forces you to change your thought habits Breaks the grip of hypnotic Rythm

3.3.4. Handling Failure Most people will stop themselves in face of temporary failure They are doomed to fail Your success is proportional to the extent you surmount failure

3.4. 4. Environment

3.4.1. The most important part of environment is your associations We all take on the thought habits of those we associate with closely. We should choose them as carefully as we choose the food we eat The most powerful form of association is your mastermind

3.4.2. Definiteness of purpose will trigger us to change our environment

3.4.3. Nothing contributes more to one's success and happiness than the people we choose to surround ourselves with

3.5. 5. TIme

3.5.1. Time will give permanency to whatever patterns that dominate our thoughts - negative or positive

3.6. 6. Harmony

3.7. 7. Caution