Life for Nazi Women

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Life for Nazi Women by Mind Map: Life for Nazi Women

1. WOMEN SHOULD GET MARRIED; Law for the Encouragement of Marriage, 1933, lent money to couples if the wife was unemployed

1.1. •marriages increased (could be coincidental tho)

1.1.1. What if they increased because they also had to expand the families¿?

1.2. In 1943 there was a desire to increase the German population so the Nazi leaders made it a law for each family to have four children. However if they already had four children, the husband was to be 'released' and to go other women to expand more families.

1.3. Newley weds were also given a loan of 1,000 marks and got to keep 250 for each child. Could have also encouraged women to get married multiple times for money

2. WOMEN SHOULD NOT WORK (especially married)

2.1. •1933-6 employed married women fell. workforce shortage during war rose this tho •women preferred to hire as wages were 2/3 to men

3. WOMEN SHOULD HAVE AT LEAST 4 CHILDREN (each child let off 1/4 of 1000 marks marriage loan repayments) The German Women's Enterprise gave medals for having children: bronze= 4-5, silver= 6-7, gold= 8+

3.1. •many women accepted the policies, as The German Women's Enterprise has 6mil members •Birth rate increased (may be due to better economy) •only some had more than 2 kids

4. Policies

4.1. Girls were taught from a young age how to become healthy mothers

5. Importance

5.1. Hitler believed that the womens role should be for them to bring up their children and only husbands would work. This would make women feel less important as they didn't feel that they were making an impact in the world as all they could do was sit at home and care for their children and not make a difference by having a more 'important' job.

5.2. The housewives and mothers probably felt the least important as their lives were controlled. They weren't able to wear make-up or trousers, there was to be no dyeing of the hair and no perms.

6. Impacts

6.1. Increase birth rate

6.2. Women's health suffered during the war

6.3. Food shortage

6.4. Bombings

6.5. Worries about their children and husbands who were in battle

7. Hitler wanted a nation that was perfect in his eyes. The Aryan Nation.

7.1. Aries

7.2. Blonde Hair

7.3. Blue Eyes

8. Jobs

8.1. women, especially married were forced to give up careers even as professional as a doctor due to the policy

8.2. invaded countries' men and women were treated badly in making munitions for the war- germany's women were finally hired in 1943, yet before they had to volunteer for war work

8.3. 100,000 female teachers 3000 female doctors 13,000 female musicians, all sacked within months of Hitlers rise to power.

8.4. By the time WW2 came along, very few German women were in full time work.

9. Education

9.1. cookery

9.2. housework

9.3. needlework and craft

9.4. good qualities in a husband

9.5. babies and childcare

9.6. hiking and camping

9.7. hitler

9.8. racial superiority

9.9. patriotic songs

9.10. sport and competitions

9.11. doing nazi marches and rallies

9.12. reporting anti-nazi commenters

9.13. collecting for winterhilfe charity

9.13.1. Hitler did not belive women should be educated as from the earliest years it taught them the lifestyle they should have.