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Storage by Mind Map: Storage

1. Objectives Overview

1.1. Describe cloud storage and explain its advantages

1.2. Describe the characteristics of optical discs

1.3. Differentiate among various types of optical

1.4. Identify the uses of tape, magnetic stripe cards,microfilm and microfiche

1.5. Differentiate between storage device and storage media

1.6. Describe the characteristics of an internal hard disk including capcity,platters,sectors and tracks,revolutions per minute and access time

1.7. Discuss the purpose of network attached storage devices,external

2. Hard Disks

2.1. Capacity

2.2. Platters

2.3. Read/Write Heads

2.4. Cylinders

2.5. Sectors and tracks

2.6. Revolutions per Minute

2.7. Transfer Rate

2.8. Access Time

3. Flash Memory Storage

3.1. Faster access time

3.2. Faster transfer rates

3.3. Genrate less and consume less power

3.4. Last ionger

4. Vidio:Thumb Drive(USB Flash Drive) Encryption

5. Cloud Storage

5.1. Access files from any computer

5.2. Stor large files instantaneously

5.3. Allow others to access their files

5.4. View time-critical data and images immediately

5.5. store offsite backups

5.6. Provide data center functions

6. Optical Discs

6.1. A CD-ROM

6.2. A CD-R

6.3. A CD-RW

7. Other Types of Storage

7.1. Tape

7.2. Magnetic stripe cards and smart cards

7.3. Microfilm and microfiche

7.4. Enterprise storage