Speech & Writing

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Speech & Writing by Mind Map: Speech & Writing

1. proposals

1.1. learn how people get points across

1.2. how to try and change something

1.3. how to make a difference

1.4. to see changes you want to see

1.5. take steps toward productive problem solving

2. debates

2.1. write about topic

2.2. present and argument

2.3. develop an opinion

2.4. test it against an opposite force

2.5. test your argument

3. opinionated essays

3.1. write what you feel about a topic

3.2. defend you feeling

3.3. make a clear account of why you feel this way

4. topics

4.1. respect

4.2. faith

4.3. religion

4.4. belief in god

4.5. racism

4.6. outstanding individuals