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Save The Cat by Blake Snyder by Mind Map: Save The Cat by Blake Snyder
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Save The Cat by Blake Snyder

1- What is it?

one sentence logline

killer title

test marketing

Catalyst guy comes, affects, leaves life

2 - Give me the same thing, only different!

movies it's most like

10 story genres

3 - It's about a guy who...

Audience needs the who to identify with

Amp up the logline

Character Archetypes

4 - Let's Beat It Out


Beat Sheet

5 - Building The Perfect Beast

The board: Corkboard with 4 rows:

One card per scene, 9-10 card per row


6 - The Immutable Laws Of Screenplay Physics

Save The Cat

The Pope in the Pool

Double Mumbo Jumbo

Laying Pipe

Black Vet aka Too much Marzipan

Watch out for that Glacier

The Covenant of the Arc

Keep the Press out

7 - What's Wrong With This Picture

Don't be lazy, fix it, rewrite it

Tips for fixing

8 - Final Fade In

Ambition vs Fate

Preparing the Field

Soul Eating First Contact



Marketing hit and miss

It is what it is