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MAN by Mind Map: MAN


1.1. Ophelia's speech marks out madness and meaningless. The one of Hamlet depends on the kind of situation: he pretends to be mad

1.2. Prospero teaches Caliban to speak in order to become a better servant. Caliban uses the Language Prospero has taught him to curse him

1.3. in Macbeth,the witches have their own Language made by spells. Dr. Faustus talks in Latin


2.1. Claudius killed his Brother in order to become king.

2.2. Antonio set Prospero and Miranda on a boa,letting them die so he can be king. Caliban believes that he is the owner of the Island because his mother was the first one on it but Prospero believes he owns it because he saved Caliban who become his slave and also because he is the only on the Island who has power oth magically both politically

2.3. Macbeth kills Duncan.

3. LOVE: ,

4. Hamlet and Ophelia,Ophelia and Polonius,Hamlet and his father,Gertrude and Claudius

5. Ferdinand and MIranda,Prospero and MIranda,Caliban and Miranda

6. Macbeth and Lady Macbeth. Banquo and Macbeth

7. Dr Faustus makes a pact with Mephistopheles for becoming the most powerful man in the world


9. Hamlet wants to kill his uncle in order to have justice

10. in The Tempest,After the usurpation of the throne,Prospero wants to restablish justice

11. the propecies in Macbeth are like a contract(justice), and when he agrees to this contract,everything the witches prophesied will happen. Macbeth and Lady Macbeth will be killed

12. In Dr Faustus,the pact with the devil is a kind of justice because at the end nobody save him and the devil take his soul


13.1. In Hamlet,the supernatural appears in the form of a ghost;he tells to hamlet all about his murderasking him revenge

13.2. Prospero studies magic in books

13.3. witches are on apparition and make a prophesy for Macbeth and Banquo. Dr.Faustus studies magic in order to became the emperor of the universe


14.1. Hamlet would do everything to have prooves of the guilt of his father in order to take revenge

14.2. throughout the entire play of the Tempest Prospero carries out his Revenge on Alonso who usurped him from his Kingdom. He wants justice

14.3. in Macbeth,we see that there's no limits for Lady Macbeth to become Queen;she doesn't want to be human any longer and she wants to be unsexed. Ambition also Attacks Macbeth because he kills the King.

15. Dr Faustus sells his soul in order to become the emperor of the universe


17. In Macbeth,royal blood causes permances marks on the mind of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth

18. Faustus is panicked,mad about the idea that his time is running out and he will fall into hell