Love/Different kinds of love

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Love/Different kinds of love by Mind Map: Love/Different kinds of love

1. Ukulele- love songs

1.1. omniscient character who plays a related song to the pervious scene between scenes

2. Interviewing people about their love experiences

2.1. Fermin and his break up

2.1.1. Duet monologue scene. One girl at two different points in a relationship. The first at the beginning of the relationship and the other when she breaks up with him.

2.2. Izzy and Morgan (couple for three years) Texting scene. Shows the story of how they ended up together.

2.3. Interview people about self love and self hate/ insecruities

2.3.1. Vanessa's mirror. scene where a girl is talking to herself in the mirror about what she hates about herself. Eventually she learns to love herself.

2.4. Interview adults about how they feel about teenage love

2.4.1. What they were told as teenagers about love

2.4.2. How they teach their kids about love

3. Love you can't have

3.1. Monologue about loving someone who doesn't love you back.