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Business Model Guru by Mind Map: Business Model Guru

1. Why this blog

1.1. General 2 0. why this blog series

1.2. General 0 Overview of models


2.1. Ideation phase

2.1.1. GOAL: Determine financial potential of your idea

2.1.2. Ideation - Narrative - 'How might we' question

2.1.3. Back of a napkin business case

2.1.4. Exploring alternatives

2.1.5. Business model canvas Determine your runway

2.1.6. Value Proposition canvas

2.1.7. Team dynamics Focus: Problem - Segment - Solution Team skills - Hacker - Hipster - Hussler Support diagram

2.2. Problem/Solution fit

2.2.1. GOAL: Determine if this is a Problem worth solving // Validate Customer Pull (do customers want this?

2.2.2. Understanding customer problem Problem interviews Observation User Journey Customer Persona's Lean Canvas Create the Lean Canvas Customers - Market segments

2.2.3. Build offer Define a solution Theory of change Design / sketch MVP Prototyping Set Pricing See mindmap: Ultimate Accelerator steps Select Customer segments How to do create Customer Segments? Example: Wine - Customer segments

2.2.4. Deliver offer Present/demo - MVP Solution interviews Landing pages

2.3. Product/Market fit

2.3.1. GOAL: Validate business model at small scale HOW: Deliver and capture Customer Value using MVP Metric: Find 10 paying customers in xyz time

2.3.2. Build the MVP

2.3.3. Customer Journey Mapping (part 2)

2.3.4. Model post x How to create Design principles

2.3.5. MVP Improvements Innovation Accounting Validation Plan Javalinboard Scrum Cycles ? Rinse and Repeat Process Feature Prioritization Customer Interviews Release Level Cohorts ? Feature Flags Split-testing Continuous Deployment Kill Features Pricing Evolution

2.3.6. Creating Sales Funnel Build Metrics & Monitoring

2.4. Scaling

2.4.1. GOAL: Accel business and grow customerbase HOW: Identify and Tune Engine of growth + Mature organisation

2.4.2. Customer Factory

2.4.3. Update and measure sales funnel

2.4.4. Determine Growth strategy

2.4.5. Build and Monitor Key Metrics Model post x Cohort analysis

2.4.6. Growth hacking Customer Segmentation Lifecycle Messaging Acquisition Channel Testing Upsells and Cross-sells Referal Campaigns Establish Key Partners