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A Christmas Carol by Mind Map: A Christmas Carol

1. Ghost Of Christmas Present

1.1. Scooge asks the ghost questions but again he repeats his statement "are there no workhouses?, are there no prisons?"

1.2. After that the ghost takes Scrooge to see the crotchet family. Tiny Tim has a bad leg and Scrooge wants to know if he will live but the ghost answers that if nothing will be changed he will die. The crotchet familly is happy even tho their poor. They love each other

1.3. The ghost takes him outside onto the streets where people and citizens take their food into the bakers shop to cook it. Scrooge sees the amount of happiness in their eyes. He sees to people arguing but the ghost sprinkles his torch on them and they stop. As if magic surrounded them.

1.4. Ghost of christmas present comes and visits Scrooge. In a big room covered with christmas related objects, especially food. The room is full of greenery and there he sits on a big throne wearing a green robe and a wreath on his head. he holds a torch in his had .

2. Ghost Of Christmas Yet To Come

2.1. Scrooge is shown the Cratchit family where Tiny Tim is dead. "Overhealed bob cratchit is still showing sign of happiness."

2.2. Scrooge is shown his house hold where he sees a body in his bed covered by a white hett. "who is this ?" he says but the ghost just points to it. he sees a lady and a man who take all of his good stuff even his best shirt that he was meant to be buried in.

2.3. The last ghost approaches Scrooge but his the one that your should be afraid off. "shrouded in a black garment" Scrooge can only see the darkness surround him. The ghost will show him the dark path that Scrooge is heading for.

2.4. Scrooge is taken to a graveyard where he sees a grave and keeps asking the ghost who it is. The ghost reveals the data and after that the name "Ebenezer". Scrooge start begging for mercy and promises to change the ghost doesn't answer and Scrooge falls into the grave and wakes up in his bed

3. The End

3.1. Scrooge wakes up in a happy mood and wants to improve everything. He wishes a merry christmas to everyone and attends Freds christmas party/feast. He even sings with the carolers.

4. Marley's Ghost

4.1. Marley was Scrooge's partner and they worked in the counting house. Sadly Marley died and Scrooge signed the burial register. ("Marley was as dead as a door nail")

4.2. scrooge is also visited by Fred his nephew who wishes him merry christmas.("merry christmas uncle") however scrooge is grumpy and doesn't accept it ("what do you have to be merry for, you're poor enough")

4.3. Scrooge goes home and scares a dog and carolers. As Scrooge Goes home he sees Jacob Marley's face on the door knocker. ("There was nothing particular about the door knocker") However Scrooge likes hard proof so he goes in ignoring what happened.

4.4. As Scrooge Goes to his house the weather is bad and fogy to set tension and a bad and scary scene.

4.5. Scrooge Goes up the shadow covered stair case and enters his chamber. (The house was once owned by Marley) Scrooge is scared and double locks himself in. He eats his melancholy dinner.

4.6. After Scrooge sits down on his chair and looks at the religious images on the fireplace, Small bells start to ring slowly but then get louder. They stop. Marley's ghost enters with chains that "he forged in his life". They were attached to thing that held him back in life such as money, purses etc.

4.7. Marley warns Scrooge about 3 ghost that are going to visit him the following night. Scrooge is scared.

4.8. Scrooge is all so visited by charity workers who want scrooge to help the poor but scrooge answers: "aren't the no workhouses?", "are there no prisons")

5. Ghost Of Christmas Past

5.1. Ghost of christmas past enters happy and wide open, it was kind and shone a bright yellow light. It carried a candle cup.("Its hair, which hung about its neck and down its back, was white as if with age; and yet the face had not a wrinkle in it, and the tenderest bloom was on the skin. The arms were very long and muscular; the hands the same, as if its hold were of uncommon strength. Its legs and feet, most delicately formed, were, like those upper members, bare. It wore a tunic of the purest white")

5.2. The ghost takes Scrooge to his town where he grew up. Scrooge is so happy that he loves and remembers everything that is happening. but after that the ghost takes Scrooge to a boarding school where he used to go. No one was there except from him. Everyone went home for christmas.

5.3. happily soon Little Fanny (Scrooges sister) comes in and is so delighted to take him home. She says "father isn't as strict as he used to be. And so they do. Little Fanny dies tho later on in the story

5.4. After that the ghost takes him to a workhouse where he sees Fezziwig and him as an apprentice. He sees how jolly he is and how fezziwig treats him, with respect and kindness. Fezziwig says "no more work it's christmas" which is the opposite of what Scrooge says to bob. Fezziwig throws a party and many people show up that Scrooge knew even his ex-wife. sadly he cared more about the money than her.