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Technology by Mind Map: Technology

1. References

1.1. References: Dyer, J. (2009, Dec 27) Defining the Word "Technology" ... Four Times. Retrieved from“technology”-…-four-times/ Kelly, K. (2010, Feb 22) Ted Talks. Kevin Kelly tells technology's epic story. Retrieved from Anonymous. (2000, April 13) Far Eastern Economic Review: Hong Kong. What is 'technology'? Retrieved from Friedel, R. (2002). Food for thought. Technology and Culture, 43(4), 842-845. Retrieved from

2. Technology in Four Ways


2.2. This is a link to the article called "Defining the Word “Technology” … Four Times" and I feel it is beneficial information as it shows that technology has more than one definition, but can be also explained in a different manner of ways.

2.3. This article has three main subtitles that suggest what technology is. These are what they are called: 1. Technology as Hardware 2. Technology as Manufacturing 3. Technology as Methodology 0. Technology as Social Usage (Dyer, 2009, p. 1).

2.3.1. These four factors give an explanation of how they relate to technology. Hardware as being the product itself like a TV, cell phone, chair, lamp, etc. Technology is not just found in the electronic product but also an object as simple as a chair, as it was deigned and had a process of order itself (Dyer, 2009, para 2).

2.3.2. Manufactoring meaning the actual things that were made, to make the product itself. There is a process involved in the making of a product that was created and worked out before the actual product was made (Dyer, 2009, para 3).

2.3.3. Methodology is the knowledge and process that is used to create something. This involves skills and methods used to make an an object, leading to the final product. (Dyer, 2009, para 4).

2.3.4. Social usage was listed as a zero, as the article stated "It is the top level of how we as a society use technology." (Dyer, 2009, para 5). As humans, I believe we create things that will help and benefit us. Technology as a social usage makes sense because the process of design and products all lead to human social interaction as to how it was first discovered, and to be used.

3. The Process

3.1. Technology is built up and started by a creative thought which then turns into a process.


3.1.2. "Although the inventors of the transistor microchip deserve credit for helping shape how the world now operates, without others who figured out how to mass-produce microchips there wouldn't be an Internet revolution. In other words, the people behind process technology make real the promises of inventors. " (Anonymous, 2000, para 5) This quote is describing how the process behind technology and its final products are just as important. Without the creative process of a product, there would be none at all. Technology can also be seen as how one's mind can invent new ways of doing things. Which again leads to how their isn't just one answer to what technology is, but many as it is such a broad topic that is always expanding.

4. My Creative Aspect

4.1. I chose for my whole discussion of this assignment to be my creative aspect as well as writing portion. This was something new that I've never done before as I've never used a mind map until this project. Using this specific website helped me to organize my thoughts by allowing me to add different thought bubbles, arrows, as well as giving me a way to add links and colour code for a visual effect. I believe all of these aspects add to my separate discussion topics to increase interest but still give information on technology and what it is. This was creative for me because it helped showcase my ideas into more of an organized way while still being thought-out and interesting. This was also a ways for people to use a form of technology while learning about it too.

5. The Product Itself

5.1. Although their are many aspects to what technology is, the physical product that was invented is important to understand as this can be so many things. Objects like a table, light-bulb, cell-phone, fork, television, are all products of technology. As technology is not just based on electrical items but rather things that were invented from the beginning of time.


5.1.2. In this Ted Talk, Kevin Kelly shares a quote that reads, "Technology is anything invented after you were born" by Alan Kay. I think this quote gives a very interesting thought as to what technology is and how it is always being invented and made new by different inventors. The quote shows that technology is constantly being produced everyday whether that be introducing a new product that could revolutionize the world, or simply just upgrading the gears of a car. Here are a list of examples of what broad products of technology can be: -Camera -Fork -Chair -Blanket -Netflix -Television -Telephone The list above shows that technology goes beyond electrical products as to give the example of a fork or chair. Those items were once invented, therefore it is still a certain type of technology that is still being made better to this day.

6. What is the definition of technology?

6.1. It is hard to pinpoint an exact definition of technology as many of the readings suggested so as well. In Food for thought it writes, “Asks, "What is technology?" appreciates that there is no simple or widely accepted answer to this question, and we seem to manage just fine without one” (Friedel, 2008, para 11). I take this quote as meaning to explain that since technology is so broad, it should be left to be discovered continually and explored into the different areas to which it is focused on.

7. What I thought technology was.

7.1. Before starting this course, my description of technology was similar to what I have learned so far, but also different in a few areas. Technology was perceived as a new-age source of how our world works today. I found technology to be a broad topic of physical features such as computers, phones, x-rays, appliances, and more. Technology was both electrical as to how it works and affects the world we live in, as well as becoming more emotional leading towards social media. The social media aspect of technology has become more prominent in this generation's way of living, which is why I heavily thought of social media as being part of the definition of technology and its advances.

8. How has my view of technology changed?

8.1. My definition has now changed as to how I think of technology after reading more information on what technology truly represents. I now think of technology more so in a broader topic field as it can be applied to more than one thing. Technology applies to many different areas like the invention of a product, the actual process, the materials used, the social aspect and more.

9. Final Thoughts

9.1. To conclude, my final thoughts on what technology is has changed from the beginning of the assignment. My views have broadened and made more clear. My own definition of technology would be this: Technology is what has been created in the past and what is still being created today. Technology is the art and science of inventing new items and ideas. Technology is constantly re-inventing itself everyday.