Branding Yourself

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Branding Yourself by Mind Map: Branding Yourself

1. Target Audience

1.1. My Goal is to become an Audio Engineer for any of these record labels. My other goal is for my band to be signed to one of these labels

1.1.1. Rise Records

1.1.2. Fearless Records

1.1.3. Hopeless Records

1.1.4. Equal Vision Records

2. True Message

2.1. I am doing this presentation because I want to tell people why I would be an asset to the company. After people watch this presentation I want them to believe that I would benefit the record label I get hired by

2.2. After the presentation I want the audience to have an understanding of my skill and what I can do for them. I want them to hire me after the presentation

3. What I can bring to the industry

3.1. I will bring a bring a new sense of excitement to the industry. By this i mean that I will be unpredictable in what I do. I will never do the same thing twice.

3.2. I will bring different ideas that no one has done before. I think outside of the box.

4. Presentation Flow

4.1. Beginning

4.1.1. Quote

4.1.2. Story

4.2. Middle

4.2.1. What I can bring that other people cant

4.2.2. What sets me a part

4.3. End

4.3.1. What I could do for the company

4.3.2. Story

4.3.3. End with a question

5. Tools for Planning and Presentation

5.1. Logic Pro - Audio Workstation

5.2. Ableton Live - Music Sequencer

5.3. Pro Tools - Sound Recording

5.4. Final Cut Pro - Video editing

6. Skills/Qualities

6.1. Speaking - I need to speak to clients to make sure that I understand what they want as accurately as possible

6.2. Writing - I need to be able to communicate in writing

6.3. Reading - I have to be able to read thoroughly and comprehend what I am reading

6.4. Time Management - I have to make sure that I get what needs to be done in a timely manner

7. What Knowledge is needed

7.1. Communication and Media - I need to have knowledge in different forms of media. For example I need to be able to effectively communicate presentations using other types of media like PowerPoint

7.2. Computers - I need to be able to understand computers and computer applications. I will need to know Ableton, Pro Tools, Logic Pro

7.3. Mathematics - I need to be able to do basic math when figuring out beats per minute, time signature