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Brand Map by Mind Map: Brand Map

1. Strengths

1.1. I am a great listener

1.2. Great at explaining tech to people who may not understand

1.3. Very analytical in my thought process

1.4. Great at bringing people together and making things happen

1.5. Detailed in instruction

2. Weaknesses

2.1. I can get side tracked easily

2.2. I have other projects I am trying to work on

2.3. Finishing courses I pay for

2.4. It's difficult for me to map out time to get things done in my coaching career

3. Values/Beliefs

3.1. I believe in giving people what they pay for

3.2. Helping people reach their goals

3.3. Guiding people to see the value within themselves

3.4. Great customer service

3.5. Giving people quality content that they can actually use to implement things in their own lives/business

3.6. You reap what you sow

4. Why I care

4.1. Everything I have I've done on my own

4.2. I know what it feels like to be alone when trying to build an empire

4.3. I know the importance to live a dream and make a huge difference in your life

4.4. I want to see others happy and doing what it is in their hearts to do

5. How I can help

5.1. I can keep people motivated and inspired

5.2. I can teach all that I have learned within the tech world

5.3. I can teach about the failures so others won't have to experience them

5.4. I can give business ideas or help figure out what your good at

5.5. I can give downloadable to get your mind thinking/ going in the right direction

5.6. I can teach a simple and practical system to opening your online business

6. Who I serve

6.1. People who are excited about making a increase within their income

6.2. People who are desire to be around other entrepreneurs

6.3. People who have a strong desire for change

6.4. People who like to learn online

6.5. Entrepreneurs/ or people who have a desire to be

7. Unique Spin

7.1. I give step by instructions

7.2. I give the exact links and sites to get the job done

7.3. I use all of my failures to guide you through the correct way without the bumps in the road

8. Personality/Things I like to do

8.1. I love taking short finance courses and learning about new finance apps

8.2. I love sci movies

8.3. I love anything around cool party supplies

8.4. I love implementing new self improvement techniques in my own life

8.5. I love baking/decorating cakes

8.6. I enjoy writing books

8.7. I love creating templates that help others learn

9. Who I would love to work with

9.1. Go getters

9.2. People have a desire to help themselves

9.3. People who desire to help others through their experiences/ what they've learned

9.4. People with lot's of energy

9.5. People with a light hearted and fun spirit