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Intercalary Chapters of The Grapes of Wrath by Mind Map: Intercalary Chapters of The
Grapes of Wrath
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Intercalary Chapters of The Grapes of Wrath

Chapter 7

Salesman sells jalopies

Takes advantage of farmer

Farmer looses control


Chapter 15


Meeting place for rich and poor, Okies, Truckers, Rich Vacationers, Unproductive isolated life

Loaf of bread and candy to travelers, Sharing helps traveler, Bigger tip from trucker, Human Unity is beneficial to all

Chapter 1

End of Rain

Sets scene of dust bowl


Sets scene of dust bowl


Women and children watch men, Human dignity, Unity

Men do not break, Survival

Chapter 3

Turtle crosses the road

Road/Dust, Hostile environment

Southwest, Heading toward CA

Oatbeard in shell, Rebirth (Rose of Sharon), Humanity and Life force

Drivers, Swerves, Human kindness, Hits, Survives despite obstacle

Chapter 5

Bank men repossess land

Conflict between socioeconomic classes, Family farmer, Impersonal company


Destroys human elements of land

Driver part of machine

Ignores place in community, responsibility to humanity


Torn from land/identity

Chapter 9

Farmers sell off possessions

Lose identity w/o possessions

Lose human dignity with unfair price

Anger begins

Small man cannot help himself, must rely on unity with others

Chapter 11

Tractor works land

Mechanical Lifelessnes

Driver distance from land/life force

Homes deteriorate

Farmers take life from region

Chapter 12

Route 66

Families must rely on others to survive, Human unity

Many don't make it to the end

Chapter 25

Spring in CA

Growers use new techniques

Chemists invent new pesticides

Migrant workers pick bountiful fruit


Use land only for profit

Ignore life force of land, Interrupts life force of humans

Chapter 17

Roadside Communities

New Laws, Benefit small man, Think as one community

Survive together, Must work together as "we", More flexible together

Chapter 23




Music making


Necessary to survival

Chapter 14


Fear from owners

Causes and Results

Results: widening government, labor unity

Causes: hunger, anger, struggle to survive

Mine to Ours

Farmers able to do more as "we" than as "I"

Human Unity

Chapter 27

Picking Cotton

People able to eat again

Scales sometimes crooked, Injustice

Pickers band together, Unity

Misfortune may come back; cautious

Chapter 29


No work

Family, Women and children watch men, Men do not break, Anger, Survival, Work together to survive, Life force

Chapter 19

History of California

Farming begins as a way of life

Slowly becomes a way of profit making

Gradual distance from land

Exploitation of workers


Okies treated as sub-human

Injustice contrasts law of roadside camps

Have little, surrounded by plenty

Chapter 21


Migrants unite, anger toward situation/banks

Natives toward migrants taking over, contributing to growth of big farms


Townspeople of angry migrants


Drives migrants to CA

Allows migrants to work for less

General Info

King James bible

generic characters/forces

Foreshadow Joad chapters

Newsreel style